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Kirk and Barbara O'Leary
Barbara O'Leary - The horsewoman of Deep Sigh... She has been in the equestrian world for over 30 years. Barbara comes from Wading River on the east end of Long Island, New York and has been a resident of South Carolina since 1983.


As a youth, she rode Western Gymkhana and English Pony Hunter jumping 2'3" at the age of 13. Her love of horses has kept her involved in the world of horses enjoying a more relaxed time with the animals she calls friends.. Now she takes pleasure in training both the horse and rider in a Natural Horsemanship style and teaching others the love and respect of horses that she has come to know herself .


“A lifelong dream, that's what this is all about” Barbara explains, as she recalls memories of her childhood being fascinated by these large animals her uncle owned. She remembers him sitting her atop her first pony and being led around the farm. It’s been in her blood ever since that day. “To me, there is not a sweeter sound than that of the horses as they nicker and call to one another across the barn and the pastures” 


Kirk O'Leary - Born in California and raised mainly in Kentucky, has always had a fondness for horses. He started riding bareback in the dusty hills of Poway Cal. in his youth. He will share his favorite stories about an old Appaloosa named Smokey Britches if you ask. 


Kirk has served 31 years as a career Firefighter and is currently a Firefighter at the Savannah International Airport in Georgia full time. He is known as the “Safety Guy” at the farm, and he is always on the lookout for hazards or those forgetful kids without their helmets on...


He is also a professional musician and entertains weekly around the Beaufort County area pubs, and has not missed a campfire yet at the Deep Sigh where sing-alongs are a big pastime while roasting marshmallows.  

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